Monday, December 3, 2012

Commercial Flat Roofing in Pomfret Connecticut

Winter is only 20 days away, and most roofing contractors are shutting their doors and getting ready for snow plowing service work. This happens because most flat roof work is temperature sensitive. This goes for all fully adhered systems, and also EPDM Rubber roofing. WHile we can install EPDM Rubber and TPO roofing systems we do not. There are many contractors that install EPDM, and most do so incorrectly. In the last 10 years we have never been on an EPDM roof where the flashing detail and wall detail were done correctly. EPDM roofs are also prone to leaking from seam failure, and standing water longer than 24 hours voids all material warranty. Our preferred material for flat roofs is PVC. We are certified installers of Weatherbond, IB Roof Systems, and Johns Manville systems. Please watch a video of a small PVC roof that we installed last week in Pomfret Connecticut. This little commercial roof has a 25 year material warranty, and 10 years on labor.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Storm damage to roof in Milford CT, 06460

2011 through 2012 have been incredibly rough years in terms of hurricanes and storms, on Milford 06464 Connecticut. We have tarped numerous roofs that have suffered storm damage in Milford, have repaired and replaced many more roofs.
Hurricane Sandy Damage in Westport CT
So the question often arises from the average homeowner, what do we do if shingles our blown off our roof? Our first suggestion is to immediately mitigate further damage. Hire a Milford roofing professional to either repair or tarp your roof. The expense related to the tarping of the roof will be credited towards your insurance claim, often times being applied to the deductible.
We have often times found insurance companies offering less than adequate coverage, this is where we step in. Marcus Anthony Construction is a roofing and insurance specialist. We know what your insurance company needs in order to quickly process your claim. Our knowledge of roofing codes, which are different in shoreline communities versus inland, give us the edge to make sure that your new roof will be more able to stand up to the high winds coming off the ocean.
Hurricane Sandy Damage in Milford, CT
Every roof that we install in Milford Connecticut, 06460, come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty, that can only be offered by a certified roofing contractor trained by GAF Materials. We also install and repair flat roofs, including PVC flat roofing membranes, TPO, and EPDM.  We are factory trained installers of Metro Metal Roofs, Arrowline Metal Roofs, repairing and installing, slate, wood shake, stone coated steel roofing, and many other specialty systems.Our workmanship warranty is double that of our local competitors. Please contact us today, 860-942-3555 for a free estimate.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Repairing Hartford Connecticut's worst rubber EPDM flat roof.

Having been up on an average of 60 flat roofs a year in Hartford,Connecticut alone, we felt like nothing could ever possibly amaze us. That was before we climbed up the ladder on Franklin Avenue! Understanding Rubber Roofing EPDM rubber roofing began to replace torch down and hot tat roofs in the 1960s. Rubber, unlike the other 2 systems, does not crack, could potentially hold more water, not nearly as dangerous and messy, lighter, and is made to last longer, if properly installed that is. Early installation of rubber EPDM did not use seam tapes and form flashings. Seams were glues and caulked, so were corners around roof penetrations. Unfortunately these glued seams began to fail sometime between 3 and 7 years after installation. Along came cover tape and seam tape. If the membrane was properly cleaned, primed sufficiently, and rolled really hard, one can get a No Dollar Limit "NDL" warranty from the manufacturer for approximately 15 years. These inspections for the NDL are rigorous, and proper use of materials is an absolute must. Once the warranty has been issued you must "RTFP" (read the fine print). The fine print clearly states a few VERY important things. 1)You must have a roofing maintenance program. 2) The roof must be inspected yearly. 3) All necessary repairs must be made and documented. 4) High foot traffic voids the warranty. 5) Use of another manufacturer's materials for repair voids warranty. 6) Standing water for longer than 24 hours voids the warranty. Now while the NDL warranty inspection was rigorous, they can still worm their way out. Unknown to 99% of roofing contractors is the use of RUSS strip. EPDM shrinks 1% per year and this can cause bridging at turns in the roof, such as from roof to wall. We have only seen RUSS used one time in the 100's of roofs we have replaced! Back to the magical roof on Franklin Ave in Hartford, Connecticut. This roof that we were hired to repair was only 6 months old! Our original reason for inspecting it was to replace the entire roof. Our price was $14,000, the competitors price was $10,000. So why were we here so soon? The roof was leaking, and the "contractor" who installed it had either gone out of business or changed his phone number. The original contractor was supposed to rip the old stone and tar roof off prior to installing EPDM. He did not. He lose laid fiber board over the roof, was a real slob about it, and got an incredible amount of pea stone between the EPDM and the fiber board. Millions of microscopic leaks. We did have some good news for the building owner, they didn't glue the seams like they did in the old days. Instead they covered them with tar! This is a huge mistake, as tar eats and decays rubber in a matter of months. This whole roof was shot less than a year after it was installed.
There was no cheap way to fix this roof. The microscopic leaks were not much of a concern to the building owner. He just wanted the roof to not "pour" in water. The tar was not holding the seams together. Our solution was to cut the tar out and use a 9 inch cover tape to hold the seams together. rubber roof repair. This was costly, about $2,200 to redo all the seams. The perimeter metal was also done wrong. The rubber membrane was flopped over the roof, a 3 inch wide piece of plywood was nailed over it, then a piece of metal, which is used for pitched roofs was put over that and it was all "sealed" with TYVEK tape. It was installed wrong, on so many levels. Our solution was to custom make a new drip edge out of thin film aluminum. This would allow us to terminate properly, membrane under metal, cleaned, primed, covered with 6 inch uncured cover tape, and rolled really hard. We were able to buy our customer a few months. Hopefully, if it doesn't snow too much this winter he will be leak free. We are installing a new IB PVC 60 mil white roof in the spring, with the price being the same as it was in the initial estimate. In roofing, you almost always get what you pay for. (Check out our video above of the repair and condition of this roof on Franklin Ave in Hartford CT.) Our solution is IB PVC. PVC is a fully welded roofing system. There are no chemicals used, no glues and tapes to fail. PVC seams are stronger than the membrane itself. The maintenance warranty is simple: keep the drains clean, check for holes from flying objects, standing water does not void the warranty. This is truly a great product. We can also install a weldable solar system with it, can offer a warranty for both, including workmanship, for up to 25 years. Please call us for a free estimate that you will find is comprehensive and informative. We are the only IB certified installer within 50 miles of Hartford CT.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Snow Plowing Services East Hampton CT

Old Man Winter is just around the corner. IF you haven't thought about snow plowing for your East Hampton home or business now is the time. In East Hampton 06424 Connecticut we offer Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Ice Melt Products, Salt, Sand, Hauling, Stacking. No matter what Old Man Winter brings or size of your job, we have the equipment and experienced manpower available around-the-clock to meet your needs. Seasonal and per-inch contracts available.
Please call us at 860 942 3555 for your free estimate. Commercial Snow Plowing in Providence RI

Friday, August 17, 2012

Roofing in Columbia CT, 06237

THe economic troubles of our country have put a number of people out of work. In these tough times many people step out of the box, and become roofers. Always be wary of these roofing specialists, often times they have little or no training, and while their roof price may be great, it can often times end up costing you a ton of money. One of our more recent projects was a roof installation in Columbia CT, 06237. I have never been a door knocker, but when I came down River Valley ROad, I just had to knock on the owners door, half the roof had slid 12 inches or so down the roof, you could literally see this from 400 feet away. It turned out that he had hired the local handyman to put on a new roof a few years back. Not a factory trained or experienced roofer, he installed the new roof completely wrong, nails were improperly used, on the wrong location on the shingle, and well, the roof was a complete loss. On a positive note however we were able to get the owner coverage from his insurance carrier. In this day and age the most important thing that we can offer you as a Connecticut Roofing Contractor is recourse. The average roofer is out of business in less than 5 ears. Its hard to believe, but 97% of all roof failures are caused by poor installation. We are a certified GAF Contractor, when we complete your roof you receive a 50 year warranty from GAF Materials. While the shingle wrapper may say this, not all roofers are the same. If your contractor is not certified, not using the proper materials, in the proper ways, there is NO WARRANTY from the manufacturer. This is a problem that we encounter often. Consumers are often mislead by contractors just to close the sale. Please contact us today for your estimate, we can help you make a decision that will suit your roofing needs. Our estimates and roof inspections are always free.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Storm Damage in Glastonbury CT, 06033

On August 10th, 2012, Glastonbury Connecticut was hit with 100 mph winds and possibly even a tornado. Associated with these strong winds were hail, heavy down pours, lightining strikes, as well as various other acts of nature. The summer of 2012 has seen numerous thunderstorms in CT, with large hail from Clinton to Watertown, Cheshire and even Putnam CT. Knowing the potential unseen damages to your home is important. Hail damage to your roof can often times not be seen from the ground, an inspection from a trained professional can determine if roof damage exists, and to what degree. Often times your insurance company will cover such damages with either a complete roof replacement or a simple roof repair. Hail damage is often over looked in Connecticut. Impacts from hail can remove the UV coating on your roof's shingles. While this may not pose an immediate threat to your home, longterm the loss of the granules will drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof, causing the roof to deteriorate prematurely, as the shingles asphalt mat will be exposed.
More evident to the untrained eyes is wind damage. From a distance you may notice missing shingles from your roof, many times shingles can be found littering the yard. Mitigating further damage to your home is the most important thing one can do. If there is significant damage to your roof it may need emergency roof repair or possibly a tarp put in place. Protecting the interior of your home from water damage can save you and your insurance company thousands of dollars, as mold remediation and drywall and paint repair are quite expensive. Our storm damage services are fast and proactive. We are capable of all aspects of the insurance process. Once any potential hazards have been removed, such as trees or debris, we make all necessary repairs to your home to prevent further damage. We document all damages with pictures, and write detailed reports as to what caused the damage, and provide accurate estimates of all work performed in the mitigation process, as to what actions need to be taken to bring your home back to the standards of which it was kept prior to the events leading up to the cause of damages. We will provide you and your insurance adjuster with all documentation, as well as a written proposal for all needed repairs. So far this storm season we have not had one single claim rejected. If you are in need of any emergency storm related services, from a free roof inspection to the removal of a tree or limb from your roof, please call us at 860-942-3555.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

IB 80 Mil Flat Roof Installation West Hartford CT

This flat roof, located in West Hartford, Connecticut was a real nightmare of a job. The roof had been installed new 4 times in the last 20 years, but no one had ever ripped the old roof off. That was until we came along! The roof was over 4 inches thick, layers of hot tar, modified, EPDM rubber, stone, and tons of substrate. The roof held so much moisture, had leaked for so long, that 80 of the roof deck had dry rotted. We ended up replacing all the roofs sheathing. We were one of four roofing contractors bidding on this project. All of the other contractors were proposing 045 EPDM rubber roofs. The customer had already been down that road, and truthfully was not interested in more leaks again. They wanted real recourse, and a warranty in writing. We were able to offer that, and much more. We installed an IB 80 mil PVC roof. The system comes with a lifetime warranty, through the manufacturer. We are able to offer this warranty to all residential customers, and IB is the only single ply manufacturer that actually offers this to residential, all others only do commercial clients. If you'd like a licensed and insured roofer that installs the best products with the best guarantees in the business please visit our flat roofing website and give us a call today, Additionally we also install some of the greatest and most beautiful metal roofing systems.  These metal roofs, made by Arrowline and Metro Materials, come with 50 year warranties, and wind ratings of up to 160 mph.  Combine a metal roof with an IB Flat or low slope roof and you will have true piece of mind.(860) 942-3555

Monday, July 9, 2012

EPDM Rubber Roof Installation Colchester CT

"Roll roofing" failed in less than 3 years.
Incorrect application and cheap materials. The homeowner went with the least expensive bid, and within 3 years was calling for a completely new roof. The cheaper bid meant that the "contractor" had to cut corners somewhere to turn a profit... it isn't hard to see where he did!!
It only gets worse and worse...
No drip edge applied... how is the water suppose to stay out??
Upon ripping the "roll roofing" off, we discovered that the low pitched roof frame was false, and made with PARTICLE BOARD!!! This is major error!! Particle board is just compressed wood specifies that it is NOT meant for roofing!! Once wet, it rots rapidly and becomes extremely weak. The framing was done wrong, the materials were cheap, it was just a matter of time before the roof fell in on the tenants underneath!
New plywood replaced the particle board, and fiber board was properly installed in preparation for EPDM (rubber) roofing to be applied, according to manufacturers specifications, of course.
Adhesive added to seams and cured.
EPDM (rubber) flat roofing membrane applied to specifications.
Commercial Grade Drip Edge installed.
Cured seam tape applied around perimeter and uncured flat roof seam tape applied around roof penetrations (chimneys, vents, skylights, etc.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roofing Glastonbury CT 06033

Marcus Anthony Construction installs and repairs roofs throughout CT.  One of our more recent projects of note is located on Weir Street in Glastonbury CT.
  The current owner contacted us back in late January for an estimate to replace the roof on this small Glastonbury ranch style home.  Our usual process, meet with customer, measure roof, leave some shingle samples, provide estimate with license, insurance, and a few references.  This house was going on the market so the current owner wanted the best value he could get for a new roof.
  Our estimate for this project was bare bones, 30 year architectural shingles, water and ice barrier along the eaves, 15 pound felt.  Within 1 week there was an offer on the home!
 The home inspector had some major issues with the existing roof.  We had not been inside the attic, and were unaware, but there was mold everywhere.  Just replacing the roof would not be enough.
The mold and moisture in the attic had caused the plywood to fail.  Installing a new roof on the plywood would not be acceptable, the shingles could not be fastened properly, a strong wind would have put the new roof in the neighbors yard.
  Finally we started this project.  Three hours into the process, the buyer calls.  He had been given an estimate for mold removal in the attic in relation to the rafters.  The price was $7000!  Luckily I was on the ground myself when I was told that!  I quickly made a few phone calls, replace 92 rafters in an afternoon is always accomplish-able!  The rafters were replaced by 4:30, the roof plywooded within another hour and a half.  Day 2 we could roof.
  The moral of this story-
-Make sure you have a knowledgeable, licensed, and insured Glastonbury Roofing Contractor.
-Ventilation, had this roof been ventilated properly from the get go thousands of dollars could be saved
-Roofing, its for professionals, you never know what you may encounter, as I have found rotted rafters and plywood often, bats, snakes, opossums on occasion, and once a Babe Ruth baseball card.
If you would like a free estimate for a new roof please do not hesitate to call.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Roofing in Cromwell, CT

For all you roofing needs in Cromwell, CT and surrounding towns, call Marcus Anthony Construction LLC. We are a Connecticut Roofing Specialist installing, repairing and performing new roof construction on both residential and commercial buildings. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded as well as a certified installer of Weatherbond* and Certain Teed* roofing products. We are experienced in EPDM (rubber), TPO, IB PVC flat roofs, shingle, tile, slate and more. Our contractor and roofers have over 10 years experience in roofing and installing rooftop decks.
Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to home repairs and remodels. Be weary of the "we do it all" contractors as they rarely specialize in any one particular area. A leaky or poorly installed roof can and will eventually cause costly damage to your home or building's structure and drywall as well as create hazardous mold and mildew growth, costing more repairs. Make sure your contractor explains every aspect of your roofs needs and the scope of work to be done. Don't be afraid to ask questions and always ask for a copy of their license and insurance. If a contractor is willing to cut his estimate over and over to get your bid, remember he will be cutting corners somewhere to make up for it. That is usually in quality materials and labor to install them. Call a roofing specialist, call Marcus Anthony Construction LLC today to schedule your free in-home estimate or for questions regarding your roofing concerns. (860) 942-3555

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roofing in Salem, CT

Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is a premium professional roofing contractor, offering maintenance, repair, installation and complete reconstruction of commercial and residential roofs in the Salem, CT area. We specialize in pitched and standing flat roofs.
For over 15 years, Marcus Anthony Construction LLC has been serving the Salem, CT community with high quality, affordable roofing services. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and stand by our lifetime warranty on labor and manufacturers warranty on materials. Our contractor and crew are professional and courteous and know the importance of respecting your home and landscape. We have a reputation  for fair dealings and honest assessments of your roofing problems.
Our expertise range from flat roof repair, to skylight installation and rooftop decks. We also offer other home improvement services including solar panels,siding, windows, gutters, etc.
Call today to speak to our Weatherbond certified contractor and schedule your free in-home consultation. (860) 942-3555

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Roofing in Hebron, CT

For a professional roofing contractor in Hebron, CT and surrounding towns, call Marcus Anthony Construction LLC.  We are a CT licensed and bonded roofing contractor serving Connecticut for over 12 years. We specialize in all forms of roof repair, install and construction including pitched and flat roofs, commercial as well as residential roofing, warehouses, churches and schools.
Our professional and courteous crew respect your home and property, and our full insurance coverage insures that your home is protected in the event of an accident.
We are a Weatherbond certified installer and every roof we do comes with a lifetime warranty on labor, and manufacturers warranty on materials. We always use an ice and water shield to protect your home or building in the harsh New England winter weather. 
Your initial in-home estimate if free of charge. Not all roofing issues require a completely new roof, and not all contractors will be honest with you. Our contractor will take the time to explain all of your roofing options and help you decide what the best course of action should be.
Call today to schedule your free consultation at (860) 942-3555 or go to to view our other home improvement services.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cool and Green Roofing in CT

Cool and Green Roofing Solutions, the way of the future.

There are differences between the two.  A cool roof has limited environmental impact, mainly by lessening the carbon foot print of the roof.  A green roof, is an enviroment of its own, many being completely sustainable.

Marcus Anthony Construction is now an IB Flat Roof Certified Installer.  IB PVC Membrane is, in itself, a cool roofing product.  It reflects the seen and unseen rays of the sun.  It is also the single best roofing membrane for a sustainable green roof.  An IB system is heat welded, not chemicals are used in creating the 1 solid sheet of roofing membrane.  There are no chemicals to break down as with the older single ply membranes such as EPDM rubber.

In addition to green and cool roofing solutions, we also offer other environmental solutions.  Lifetime cool metal roofing, in particular with thin set solar technology, can make your home and business have an almost zero impact in terms of use of fossil fuels, and also in some instances, you can be selling electricity back to your provider.

If you are interested in a cool roofing or green roofing consultation please dont hesitate to call.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roofing in Haddam, CT

If you are in need of a professional roofing contractor in Haddam, CT or surrounding towns, call Marcus Anthony Construction LLC. We are a Connecticut roofing specialist offering commercial and residential roofing on both pitched and flat roofs. Our contractor has been in the business for over 12 years and knows the ins and outs of the roofing industry and can help you understand what your home or commercial building's roofing needs are. Not all problems require a completely new roof, and not all contractors will be honest about that. Our reputation is important to us, and we believe in fair dealings and honest business practices. Call today to make an  appointment for your free consultation. (860) 942-3555

Friday, February 24, 2012

Roofing in Portland, CT

For all of your Portland CT roofing needs, call Marcus Anthony Construction LLC.
We offer commercial and residential roofing and siding services. Our professional roofing contractor has been in the business for over 12 years and specializes in pitched and flat roof repair, replacement and reconstruction.
Not every roof that has damage needs to be completely replaced, some may only need minor repairs. Finding a trustworthy contractor is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your investment. Not every roofer is licensed and insured. We include a copy of our insurance coverage and CT contractor's license along with a detailed written estimate for every job. Our initial in-home consultation is free of charge. Call today to schedule your appointment in Portland, CT
at (860) 942-3555

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roofing in Middletown, CT

Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is a Connecticut roofing specialist located in the Middletown, CT area. We specialize in flat and pitched roof repair and complete roof replacement. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractor offering free in-home consultations and professional written estimates on all roofing projects.
 As well as residential roofing, Marcus Anthony Construction LLC also offers quality commercial roofing services. Whether looking to fix the roof on your backyard shed or an industrial warehouse roof, our contractor can assist you in determining what kind of roof you need and provide you the services to have it professionally installed by our experienced crew.
Our lifetime available warranty guarantees its customers the best in quality roofing service. Our excellent products, professional staff, and quality workmanship ensures customer satisfaction. At Marcus Anthony construction, exceeding customer satisfaction is our number one goal.
 Call (860) 942-3555 to speak to our professional contractor today about roofing in Middletown, CT

Monday, February 20, 2012

Berlin, CT roofing

Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor in Berlin, CT and surrounding towns. We repair, replace, and install a variety of roofs on both residential and commercial building structures, including school, churches and warehouses.
 Our contractor will illustrate every phase of your roofing project and discuss your many options and budget to ensure you are completely satisfied with the scope of your project before it even begins. We communicate with you every step of the way, including providing you with an itemized written estimate, copy of our contractor's license and insurance coverage.
We focus on quality and customer satisfaction beginning at the first consultation and wont end until you are completely satisfied.
From the smallest roof repair to the largest new construction or re-roofing project, our professional and courteous crew will do what it takes to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and to the highest quality standards, all while respecting your landscape and property.
Whether it is a flat roof, or the steepest pitched roof, we are the contractor with what it takes to ensure the successful completion of your roofing project, and the only contractor to call for all of your roofing needs.
 Call today for a free, no obligation estimate at (860) 942-3555.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Roofing in Colchester, CT

Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor serving Colchester, CT. We repair, replace, and install roofs on both residential and commercial buildings. Our contractor  will explain every phase of your roofing project and discuss your options to ensure you are completely satisfied with the scope of your project before it even begins, and communicate with you every step of the way.  Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction begins from the first consultation and doesn't end until the customer is happy.
 From the smallest roof repair to the largest new construction or re-roofing project, our professional and courteous crew will do what it takes to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standard of quality.
Whether you have a flat roof  or a steep hip roof, Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is the contractor with what it takes to ensure the successful completion of your project, and the only company you need to call when you have roofing needs.  Call today for your free, no obligation estimate. (860) 942-3555 

Complete Roof Design | Build | Install
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Complete Roofing Plans & Drawings Provided
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Data Base Creation & Updating 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commercial roofing installation, Glastonbury 06033, CT

Pictured is a commercial roof that we recently installed in South Glastonbury CT, located on the New London Turnpike.  This was a GAFELK Golden Seal installation.  This installation process requires certain manufacturer mandated materials as well as installation practices.

  With this installation the customer recieved a 50 year warranty from GAF Materials.  Our roofers are trained in proper roof installation as per GAF Materials, our installation is above and beyond what other Connecticut Roofing Contractors practice.
Please contact us today for a free estimate if you are considering Roofing in CT.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roofing East Hampton, CT, 06424

Marcus Anthony Construction LLC is one of the most trusted residential and commercial roofing companies in East Hampton, Connecticut. Our roofers have installed and repaired  many roofs in the East Hampton area,  including surrounding towns of Portland, Marlborough, and Colchester. We are a CT Connecticut roofing contractor offering the installation of new roofs and the repair of damaged and leaking roofs in East Hampton, CT.
We install both shingle roofs and flat roofs, including GAF and Tamko, as well as EPDM and TPO/  Please call us today for a free roofing estimate.