Saturday, June 25, 2011



If your looking to have a new flat roof, or a deck on your flat roof, this is the place to go! In CT Connecticut that is!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roof Installation in Marlborough Connecticut

  Marcus Anthony Construction  is a Connecticut Roofing Contractor.  We serve many of the areas around Glastonbury, including Marlborough, the location of one of our more recent roofs.
  We removed two layers of asphalt shingles from this ranch style home.  There were several pieces of plywood along the gutter edge of the roof that were replaced due to roof rot.  Over the years, persistent ice dams had cause roof leaks along the eaves.
  Once we had repaired the roof deck we installed 2 courses of ice and water barrier in both the roof valleys and the gutter eave.   With proper ventilation from our new ridge vent this house should experience less ice dams, and no leaks!
With 3 roofers we were able to replace this roof in 7 hours.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roofing Contractor South Windsor Connecticut

Many homes in South Windsor were built in the last 20 to 30 years.  The roofs on these homes were installed before the time of ice and water shield, and before any thought was given to the use of ventilation.  Often times when we roof these homes we find serious issues with the roof deck and often times replace many sheets of plywood.
This ranch style home in South Windsor is a good example.  During the winter the roof leaked with large amounts of snow.  When replacing the roof we added 2 courses of ice and water barrier, and then a vent at the fascia and on the ridge to promote air flow.  This roof should last 30 years, and be repair free with proper maintenance.  We completed this job in one day with 2 roofers.
We are a Connecticut Roofing Contractor, fully insured, properly licensed, free estimates always, 860 942 3555

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glastonbury Connecticut Roof Installation

ALL PRO ROOFING has literally installed 100s of roofs in Glastonbury Connecticut.  As a Connecticut Roofing Contractor we offer roof repair, roof inspection, roof maintenance, for both pitched and flat roofs.

Pictured in a pewter grey colored shingle roof on Manchester Road that we installed this past week.  For ice dam prevention we installed 2 courses of ice and water barrier, and a ridge vent to promote the flow of cool air in the winter.  The shingles come with a life time warranty, this could very well be the last roof that this customer has installed.
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