Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roof repair, storm damage, Hebron, Connecticut

There is only one way to correctly nail a shingle, within a half inch of the exposure line is acceptable.  The exposure line of the shingle is called the "double lam".  This term means where the shingle is laminated together.  This is also the place, where if the shingle is nailed, holds down the shingle below it.  This is key if you would like to have the manufacturer warranty your roof for wind coverage.
  Most roofing shingles are warrantied for 100 mph wind coverage.  There are certain manufacturers standards that must be met.  Hurricane nailing pattern can range from 6 to 8 nails, certain types of starter courses must be use, certain size nails as well.  Using a roofing contractor who is familiar with these standards is key, both for the quality of your new roof, and to receive proper coverage from the manufacturer.
This building in Hebron Connecticut lost a number of roof shingles and roof caps during the most recent thunderstorm.  While the repair cost was minimal, using proper roofing techniques, and a roofing contractor who provides a life time warranty on installation, and in would have either never happened, or would have been free of charge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roofer Manchester Connecticut

Chasing roof leaks can be tough business.  Water can enter a roof from many different areas, and travel far from its entry point, before it shows up as a leak.  Knowing where to look is key.  Most leaks are located along roof protrusions, chimneys, pipes, skylights, and walls.
  These pictures are of a chimney that we recently repaired in Manchester Connecticut.  To properly repair a chimney leak we first remove the old flashing.  Once that is gone we can inspect to make sure that the step flashing is correctly done.  We then install either lead or copper counter flashing to pass water around the step flashing.  We next mortar all the brick lines where we placed the new lead.
  If you have leaks in your roof and wish to have a free estimate, we will happily come by and take a look, please call 860 942 3555

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manchester Connecticut Roofing Contractor, roof repair, new roof with 3 roofers.

  We have completed a number of roofs in Manchester Connecticut, as well as the surrounding towns of Windsor Connecticut as well as Vernon.  Pictured here is a recent home where we installed a new roof in Manchester Connecticut,  The roof on the home was a multiple layer rip off.  There was extensive damage to the roof deck from inadequate ventilation.  Moisture had built up in the attic causing the plywood to soften.  Once we removed the damaged plywood we then installed a new roof. We installed water and ice barrier along the eaves, and to cure the ventilation issue a ridge vent on the peak and a ventilated drip edge on the gutter eave.  With 3 roofers we completed this new roof installation in a day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roofer, Flat roof specialist, siding repair, Newington, Connecticut

We recently installed a new EPDM rubber roof on a portion of a home in Newington Connecticut.  The original roof leaked in many places, while it was an EPDM roof, it had been installed incorrectly, and had been a victim of many failed roof repairs.

   Last year the homeowner had hired a :flat roof specialist" to install 2 skylights.  The contractors idea of installation was cutting out the roof openings, placing the new $800 skylights in, and caulking them.  This manner of installation does not work in any way at all.
  Once we removed the 4 layers of roofing, we noticed large water stains coming down the walls.  This was a tell tale sign that the roof leaks were caused by more than just a failed roofing system.  We presented the problem to the owner, as well as a solution, and installed a new rubber roof.
   To fix the siding issues and prevent further roof leaks we removed all siding.  We installed a new vapor barrier, new insulation board, and re-flashed all windows.  We then installed a gutter on the higher roof to keep water from cascading onto the lower and bouncing off of the wall.  This new flat roof and siding system should last 20 years with proper roof maintenance.