Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice dam and snow removal for roofs in Glastonbury CT 06033

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Snow Removal

Glastonbury, South Glastonbury, and Manchester Connecticut homes and businesses have an incredible amount of snow on the roofs.  There is a significant worry of building collapse, as there have already been a number of buildings and houses a bit further east that have already gone down.  The winds associated with the recent storms have caused snow drifts, in some places in excess of 8 feet, to form on roofs.  It is not just the large amount of snow, but the uneven distribution that causes concern.  We suggest, especially on low slope, flat roofs, or on houses with a very large accumulation that you have the snow removed ASAP.

Ice Dam Removal

Large amounts of snow will eventually lead to ice dams.  An ice dam is caused by melting snow from the heat of your home refreezing at the eaves.  Eventually, that water builds up and leaks in.  There is nothing you can do except for remove the snow from the roof and break up the ice dam.  If you would like your ice dams and snow removed from your home please call or text us at 860-942-3555

After the Ice Dam is Removed

There is a high likely hood that you are having the ice dam and the snow removed from your home because you have suffered interior damages from water leaks.  Rest assured, we can assist with that as well.  Ice dam and the subsequent damages are covered by insurance.  We write our estimates in Exactimate, this is the same software that insurance adjusters use.  This makes the claims process much simpler.  We will rebuild your home to as good if not better than how it was before the ice dams.  We also offer some roofing solutions that will make it so you never have ice dams again.