Monday, December 3, 2012

Commercial Flat Roofing in Pomfret Connecticut

Winter is only 20 days away, and most roofing contractors are shutting their doors and getting ready for snow plowing service work. This happens because most flat roof work is temperature sensitive. This goes for all fully adhered systems, and also EPDM Rubber roofing. WHile we can install EPDM Rubber and TPO roofing systems we do not. There are many contractors that install EPDM, and most do so incorrectly. In the last 10 years we have never been on an EPDM roof where the flashing detail and wall detail were done correctly. EPDM roofs are also prone to leaking from seam failure, and standing water longer than 24 hours voids all material warranty. Our preferred material for flat roofs is PVC. We are certified installers of Weatherbond, IB Roof Systems, and Johns Manville systems. Please watch a video of a small PVC roof that we installed last week in Pomfret Connecticut. This little commercial roof has a 25 year material warranty, and 10 years on labor.