Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roofing Glastonbury CT 06033

Marcus Anthony Construction installs and repairs roofs throughout CT.  One of our more recent projects of note is located on Weir Street in Glastonbury CT.
  The current owner contacted us back in late January for an estimate to replace the roof on this small Glastonbury ranch style home.  Our usual process, meet with customer, measure roof, leave some shingle samples, provide estimate with license, insurance, and a few references.  This house was going on the market so the current owner wanted the best value he could get for a new roof.
  Our estimate for this project was bare bones, 30 year architectural shingles, water and ice barrier along the eaves, 15 pound felt.  Within 1 week there was an offer on the home!
 The home inspector had some major issues with the existing roof.  We had not been inside the attic, and were unaware, but there was mold everywhere.  Just replacing the roof would not be enough.
The mold and moisture in the attic had caused the plywood to fail.  Installing a new roof on the plywood would not be acceptable, the shingles could not be fastened properly, a strong wind would have put the new roof in the neighbors yard.
  Finally we started this project.  Three hours into the process, the buyer calls.  He had been given an estimate for mold removal in the attic in relation to the rafters.  The price was $7000!  Luckily I was on the ground myself when I was told that!  I quickly made a few phone calls, replace 92 rafters in an afternoon is always accomplish-able!  The rafters were replaced by 4:30, the roof plywooded within another hour and a half.  Day 2 we could roof.
  The moral of this story-
-Make sure you have a knowledgeable, licensed, and insured Glastonbury Roofing Contractor.
-Ventilation, had this roof been ventilated properly from the get go thousands of dollars could be saved
-Roofing, its for professionals, you never know what you may encounter, as I have found rotted rafters and plywood often, bats, snakes, opossums on occasion, and once a Babe Ruth baseball card.
If you would like a free estimate for a new roof please do not hesitate to call.