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Roofing Installation in Tolland CT 06084

The winter of 2011, Connecticut was pounded by snow storm after snow storm. We have spent months shoveling roofs and plowing snow, and for the next year and a half we spent installing new roofs, both damaged by the storms, and many flat roofs that were damaged by snow blowers and careless workers

 This roof in Tolland CT, was no exception to the rule, ice dams were 20 inches thick in 2011, there were actual icicles inside the garage,  water pouring down the walls,  and coming through the windows. The ceilings were ruined, hard wood floors and carpet destroyed, there is mold growing in the walls. There is a ton of work to do, but first things first, the roof needed to be replaced.

  There were several roof related issues that had to be dealt with the replacement of the roof so that it would meet manufacturer standards and Connecticut Building Code.

  • There were multiple layers, the roof had to be stripped
  • The skylights leaked, they had to be replaced.
  • Chimney leaked, needed new step and counter flashing.
  • There was no use of water and ice barrier, we determined that 2 courses would be adequate.
  • We added a ridge vent to encourage a flow of air from the existing soffit vents.
  • The low pitch roof was a 3/12 pitch, while shingles are acceptable, we prefer single ply, the owner chose Grey IB PVC 80 mil with a lifetime warranty.
The skylights we used were Velux venting deck mounted skylights with a manufactured flashing kit.  We took the product code off of the existing ones to determine exact sizing.  They installed quite easily, and are guaranteed to be leak free from Velux for 10 years.  The new self adhering underlayments that they provide are manufactured by Grace Roofing Products, they are simply the best.
New Skylights Installed in Tolland CT
  Whenever we install a new roof we like to repair and replace every penetration and flashing if possible.  Chimneys leak, and they are no exception.  This chimney was wrapped in water and ice barrier, new step flashing was used, new lead counter flashing was cut and installed, and the chimney was repaired with new mortar.  We even went as far as to seal the chimney with a brick sealant to prevent wicking. To skip these steps to save a few hundred dollars during a roofing installation is foolish, as it is much easier to address these problems initially than in hindsight.
New Lead on a leak free chimney in Tolland CT
  On the low pitch section of the roof we used a single ply membrane.  Low pitch roofs have poor drainage.  The chance of standing water and snow increases the chances of leaks.  To combat this we use a welded roofing system.  It is virtually seamless.  IB PVC roofs are known for their ability to hold standing water without leaking, in fact unlike other types of single ply roofing, IB PVC is not void of warranty from standing warer. The colors make PVC more pleasing to the eye, as opposed to the black EPDM rubber that so many other "roofing specialists" sell.  While this is the Mercedes of roofing in terms of cost, it comes with a lifetime materials warranty, that is transferable within 25 years.  You cannot go wrong with PVC roofing for your troubled areas.
IB 80 mil Grey on a low pitch roof in Tolland CT 06084
  From the date of loss to replacement of this roof it took almost 2 years.  There was a long drawn out battle between the insurance company and the owners.  With our knowledge and networking with a few public adjusters we were able to increase payment from insurance by 1,000%.  The entire house is getting gutted, all insulation, drywall, and floors replaced.  Once this is complete the owner will be able to enjoy their new roof with no worries!

This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch ( of Marcus Anthony Construction

Monday, March 18, 2013

GAF Timberline Shingle Review

Best Roofing Shingle For Connecticut

Overview Of The GAF Timberline Shingle

Best roofing shingle for Connecticut
As a CT roofing contractor I have the opportunity to install all types of roofing shingles from all the major manufacturer's. If you are looking into a new roof for your home I'm sure you have heard of the GAF Timberline HD roofing shingle. The Timberline is the number 1 selling shingle in the U.S. I wanted to provide you with a few facts and a specification breakdown for this shingle. As the owner of Marcus Anthony Construction I want to provide my customers with the best, that's why I have built a relationship with GAF and am a certified installer of their material. If you are need a free estimate call today at 860-942-3555.

The Basic Specifications of a Timberline HD Shingle

* Number 1 selling shingle in America.
*Thick architectural laminate with high definition color scheme.
*Carries a class a fire rating.
*First shingle to carry a limited lifetime warranty.
*50 year limited warranty-first 10 years covered 100% against material defects.
*New advanced shingle technology and high tech fiberglass mat make it environmentally friendly.
*220 lbs per square
*110 mph wind rating-Can upgrade to 130 mph wind rating with 6 nail application.

The Shift From 30-40-50 Year To Limited Lifetime

CT Roofing Contractors
One of the most important facts about the GAF Timberline HD shingle is what I call "the limited lifetime factor." Aside from all of the great features of the shingle its important to know that GAF was the first manufacturer to make the shift to the limited lifetime warranted shingle. The process of making the shift was not an easy one. They went through years of modifications and testing to their fiberglass mat which resulted in the advanced technology shingle. With their successful production and the backing of the Underwriters Laboratory GAF confidently upgraded their warranty to the 50 year limited lifetime in 2011. Other manufacturers were forced to make the shift with GAF but made no changes to their shingle. That is one strong reason Marcus Anthony Construction provides our CT re-roof customers with GAF shingles. You can learn more about the testing process of the GAF shingle in the video "Extreme Shingle Testing."

Green Roofing Shingles for CT

Roofing shingles are coated in asphalt a precious natural resource. Due to the advancement in the fiberglass mat GAF Timberline shingles use less asphalt reducing the impact on our environment. The lighter more durable green roofing shingle is ideal for both environmentally conscious people and its easier on the installers.

Marcus Anthony Construction Is A GAF Certified Roofing Contractor In Connecticut

If you are interested in a free estimate or roof repair in CT give us a call today at  860-942-3555 . We are a certified GAF roofing contractor. As a certified representative of GAF we are able to provide you with an upgraded Systems Plus Weather Stopper Warranty. This  extends the warranty coverage over the entire roofing system (not just the shingles) for 50 years 100% and provides and additional 2 year labor warranty by GAF. Thats peace of mind.

This guest post was provided by GAF Master Elite contractor Joel Beattie ( of Chase Construction North West, Inc-Roofers Auburn Wa.

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Asphalt or Steel: Which Shingle is Best?

Do you want the longevity and durability of steel roofing, but perhaps are also attracted by the economical price of asphalt? While steel shingles are now available in a variety of colors, they no longer have the archaic look that they were once known for, and are actually quite modern looking. In fact, while asphalt is still the most commonly chosen shingle, steel is quickly gaining ground, and is now a more frequent choice of the discerning homeowner. So let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both asphalt and steel shingles to help you, the Connecticut Roofing customer,  make the most informed decision.

Metal Roofing in CT by Marcus Anthony Construction
Tamko Metal Works Steel Shingles

Steel Advantages:

·                                 High Wind Rating: Steel shingles are typically Class A Fire rated and have a wind resistance warranty of 110 MPH.

·                                 Durability: There is no beating the durability of steel shingles in terms of their wind resistance rating, fire class rating, and overall strength.

·                                 Longevity: Typically, a homeowner can expect a steel shingle to last 25-50 years.

Steel Disadvantages:

·                                 Limited Color Selection: While steel shingles are being used with increased frequency, the color selection is still not nearly as diverse as asphalt shingles, and for the homeowner who is confined by color selection, this can be a deterrent.

·                                 “Golf ball” Dimpled Look: When strong hail hits a steel shingle, the result can be a dimpled look that appears as if the roof were pelted by golf balls. 

·                                 Possibility for Manufacturers Accessories Needed: In order to install steel shingles correctly, additional accessories available only through the manufacturer may be necessary, which can often delay installation and increase the overall cost of the roof.

Metal Shingles on home in Connecticut
Metal Shingles on home in West Hartford Connecticut

Asphalt Advantages:

·                                 Cost Effective: Asphalt continues to be the least expensive roofing option, and the value leader in the residential market.

·                                 Wide Color Selection: Because they are so prevalent, (they are carried in a wide variety of colors in most commercial roofing centers) it is easy to find asphalt shingles in almost any color you may desire.

·                                 Many Warranty Options: Asphalt shingles are not only available in a variety of colors, but also a variety of warranties from 20 years to 50 years.

Asphalt Disadvantages:

·                                 Potential For Visible Inconsistencies: Due to their flat design, inconsistencies in the lay of the asphalt shingles can be easily spotted.

·                                 Poor Longevity: Although the warranty on asphalt shingles is often 30 years, the average longevity is between 15-18 years, and certainly less in extreme climates.

·                                 Potential For mold and Algae Growth: Inconsistencies in the lay of asphalt roofing shingles leaves areas for water to condense and collect, which creates a prime environment for mold and algae growth.While the choice between asphalt and steel can be difficult especially with the increased color options of steel and the limited durability of asphalt, by working with a reputable roofing contractor, and reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each option, the choice can be made much easier.


Written by Nick Dorotik   Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+</ a> and twitter.   For more information about ASAP ROOFING, visit http://asap-

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Complete Roofing Systems for Connecticut CT Homeowners

The Benefits Of A Complete Roof System for Connecticut Homeowners

A Complete Roofing System

Roofing SystemsDid you know that a roof is designed to be installed as a complete system, whether it be GAF, Certanteed, Tamko, or IKO? It’s true, even for flat roof systems. That is why Marcus Anthony Construction, your Connecticut Roofing Contractor, only installs full roof systems, with complete manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer designs system components that work together to create a watertight roofing system. Using the complete roofing system is important to protecting your home and roof in the most vulnerable areas. There are key elements to a roof system including: perimeter edge metal, starter shingles, underlayment, leak barrier, field shingles, vents, pipe boots and ridge shingles. It is very common for a contractor to offer a very low price by excluding some of the most critical elements of the system such as leak barrier.

A Look At Common Roofing System Components

Rake-flashing-Drip-edgePerimeter edge metal protects the edge of the plywood, roof deck and the fascia or barge boards. Damage, such as premature rot due to wind driven rain, can occur if perimeter edge metal is not installed. The rake edge metal often comes with a drip edge, or flange, that helps to keep the precipitation off of the fascia. Edge metal comes in many colors to match your home and roof but is most commonly manufactured in white, brown and black.    

Starter-shinglesStarter shingles are installed along the entire perimeter edge to protect the roof deck from wind driven rains. You will see the starter course from the ground because the granule side of the shingle is facing down and it overhangs the roof edge.


Roofing-UnderlaymentUnderlayments protect, cover and act as a vapor barrier for the entire roof deck. Heat in the attic passes through the wood roof deck and gets trapped between the shingles and the deck. Underlayment keeps this moisture from touching the roof deck and causing premature rot. Sap in the wood can also break down the shingle so an underlayment helps with this as well. Common types of roof deck protection are #15 or synthetic underlayment’s.

Peel-and-stick-membraneLeak barrier, is a rubberized flexible membrane designed to protect the most critical leak areas on your home (also called ice and water shield or peel and stick membrane). The back side adheres to the roof deck, keeping it in place. Its thick rubbery material allows it to fit into acute angles such as skylights and roof-to-wall areas. It is also commonly used on roof top penetrations and around the perimeter edge of a home.

Architectural laminate roofing shinglesField shingles are the main waterproofing property of your home. They come in great architectural designs to provide an aesthetic touch. The most commonly used shingles are designed with a fiberglass matt and covered with special waterproof granules that are embedded into asphalt. There are 3 tab, architectural laminate and tri-laminate or presidential style shingles. Each type carries a roof life and wind warranty based on its thickness, quality and the manufacturer.

Ridge-Cap-ShinglesRidge shingles are the icing on the cake. They are installed at the hip and ridge areas of the roof. Ridge shingles are a crucial part of your system as they take on a lot of the wind pressure Mother Nature dishes out. 3-tab is often cut individually into ridge shingles. You may also purchase factory made and packaged ridge cap or an upgraded rubberized ridge system with a greater warranty.

Continuous Ridge VentVenting a roof is very important. Without proper intake and exhaust on a roof hot air and moisture are trapped in the attic. This is a recipe for attic mold, rot and premature repair on the roof. Your roof requires intake venting at the soffit area and exhaust by either square roof vents or ridge venting. There are also power, exhaust vents and some great solar vent technologies if you are looking for something green and sustainable.

The Benefits Of Installing A Complete Roofing System

Aside from premium protection of your home and roof there are other advantages of using the complete roofing system. Most manufacturers have special warranties they offer if you buy their full line of roofing components. For instance a typical material warranty on a roof only covers defects in the shingles 100% for 10 out of 50 years. If you use their complete designed system the warranty covers all of the installed system 100% for 50 years. That is a huge difference in warranty coverage! Before taking the lowest bid on your next roofing project consider the value of your system and warranty. The money you save up front might be spent in unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

This article was written by Joel Beattie ( of Chase Construction North West, Inc., roofers Tacoma, Wa.

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