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Ice dam and snow removal for roofs in Glastonbury CT 06033

Rooftop Snow and Ice Dam Removal Services Glastonbury CT 06033  (860) 942-3555

Snow Removal

Glastonbury, South Glastonbury, and Manchester Connecticut homes and businesses have an incredible amount of snow on the roofs.  There is a significant worry of building collapse, as there have already been a number of buildings and houses a bit further east that have already gone down.  The winds associated with the recent storms have caused snow drifts, in some places in excess of 8 feet, to form on roofs.  It is not just the large amount of snow, but the uneven distribution that causes concern.  We suggest, especially on low slope, flat roofs, or on houses with a very large accumulation that you have the snow removed ASAP.

Ice Dam Removal

Large amounts of snow will eventually lead to ice dams.  An ice dam is caused by melting snow from the heat of your home refreezing at the eaves.  Eventually, that water builds up and leaks in.  There is nothing you can do except for remove the snow from the roof and break up the ice dam.  If you would like your ice dams and snow removed from your home please call or text us at 860-942-3555

After the Ice Dam is Removed

There is a high likely hood that you are having the ice dam and the snow removed from your home because you have suffered interior damages from water leaks.  Rest assured, we can assist with that as well.  Ice dam and the subsequent damages are covered by insurance.  We write our estimates in Exactimate, this is the same software that insurance adjusters use.  This makes the claims process much simpler.  We will rebuild your home to as good if not better than how it was before the ice dams.  We also offer some roofing solutions that will make it so you never have ice dams again.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Roof Snow Removal and Shoveling West Hartford Connecticut

Roof and Ice Dam Snow Removal West Hartford Winter 2015 

 Here we go again!  Blizzard Colbie is expected to bring 18 to 36 inches of white fluff to West Hartford and most of the state of CT.  Colbie is supposed to be the storm of the century, it seems like every other year we have the storm of the century, doesn't it?  Every winter, at least since 2011, has been epic in one way or another.  I am sure you are not reading this to reminisce, more likely because you need either your roof shoveled because of concerns of collapse, you are fearing leaks from ice dams, or you want my phone number now, because leaks are not a concern, but a reality.  Please note that we do not do estimates, this is billed at $125 a man hour.  If you are unable to pay these rates, we will allow payment over time, in some cases we have done this service for free if there is serious financial hardship.  Here is the number, you can text or call, (860) 942-3555, email also works,

  I will try to cover what I think you should know.  I am not an engineer, so these are only suggestions.  I am not an insurance adjuster, so I cannot guarantee coverage if you have a loss, only tell you what I have seen. I am a roofer/general contractor, I can make this not happen again, and also repair any and all damages that have happened because of this storm, the weight of snow, and the ice dams. 

  Let us start with our capabilities.  We can get the snow off of any roof, in its entirety.  Whether it be a ranch home, a flat roof, a 200,00 square foot commercial building, an "A Frame" house, we have and will do it, this week.  At my disposal I have 35 contractors, insured and experienced.  We do not bring snow blowers on the roof, we do not bring socks full of rock salt on the roof either.  We harness up, and shovel the snow off.  If you would like us to clean up the ground we will do that too, but, because of the urgency, we ask that you take care of that or hire someone else to do so as there are so many customers in need of our roofing services at this time.


 This is always an option.  There is a sufficient demand for our services, I will not hesitate to ADVISE you as how to best handle this yourself.  These are suggestions, if you get hurt, its because you did not use common sense, I am not in any way liable for your poor decision making. 


 DIY Flat Roof Snow Removal

  The likelihood of an ice dam causing leaks on a membrane flat roof are low.  Leaks would likely be caused by an already problematic flat roof.
   If you have an EPDM rubber flat roof, you may have a material issue, called micro-fracturing.
Please note, that if chemistry, commercial roofing products, and a whole bunch of roof jargon that likely does not apply to you as a residential client with a shingle roof, you may want to skip these 5 images.

Your roofing membrane's chemical composition is not as it should be. To cut costs, the manufacturer withheld sulfur, the membrane, under weight of heavy snow, will allow water to enter via osmosis.  This is not uncommon and many EPDM manufacturers are experiencing class action lawsuits because of widespread material failure throughout the country.  Back to the DIY part of this:  You need to get the weight off the roof.  This is important. While shoveling a flat roof, DO NOT get down to the roof itself with a shovel, leave 3 inches of snow!  DO NOT hit, slam, pound, axe, hammer, or impact the roof in anyway.  You will put holes in it.  You will destroy your roof.  You will not be happy.  DO NOT bring a snow blower on the roof! Flat roofs have seams. Using a snow blower will damage those seams. Trust me, I have repaired hundreds of roofs that have been damaged by landscapers and other unqualified peoples who have done this. Getting the weight off is of utmost importance to prevent collapse!

Ranch Style Homes.

  The greatest thing about shoveling snow off of a home is that it is surprisingly easy to walk in on a roof, more so than the shingles themselves.  I like to shovel left to right, horizontally, not up to down.  This way I do not have to walk back up to the top of the roof, until then end.  I have also created a giant pile at the bottom.  Knowing your home and yard, you can often walk off the roof into a 10 foot snow bank.  Please, never do this alone. If you do fall off, it is nice to have someone to call an ambulance, or at least know where you are as they call the life insurance company.


Cape, Colonials, and all those other roofs you should not get on!

  These roofs should be done by a professional.  We may make it look easy, but it is dangerous.  It is easy for us because we do it every winter. In 2011 we shoveled 1,100 homes!  We have 3 crews removing snow from residential houses in West Hartford and Newington.  All of our labor assets are in these towns. Under no circumstances should you get on a ladder and go up on your roof.  If you have read this and want to be proactive here is what you should do.  Get that snow rake in your garage, get to it before 24 hours after the end of the storm and remove the snow from at least the bottom 4 feet of the roof.  This will prevent the ice from freezing up at your gutters,   You will have exposed the shingles, and surprisingly, once the sun hits them they will warm up, and start to melt the snow.  This will help immediately with ice dam prevention, and will help mitigate, keyword is HELP, the risk of collapse.

Ice Dam and Roof Collapse Prevention

  I am often asked, "how can we never have to have you over again for this?"  The answer to this question is so very complicated. 

What causes an ice dam?

It is not just snow,  in fact, many think that melting the snow on the roof helps, it is quite the opposite.  Your roof has a warm zone and a cold zone.  The cold zone is the area outside the exterior walls, from there to the gutter.  The warm zone is all areas inside of the exterior walls.   A poorly insulated or ventilated house, will melt snow in the warm zone, which will then freeze once it hits the exterior wall or overhang, creating a "dam" , and then melting snow will start to back up. Water will have nowhere to go, but into your house! Under no circumstances will ice and water barrier hold long term standing water. A shingle roof is water shedding not water resistant! The goal should be to either address the melting snow issue, or devise a way to get the snow off the roof, without a professional being there to do it.


Is there something wrong with my roof?  This always happens...

Your roof could have been installed a day before the storm, or be 30 years old.  Ice dams are an environmental event.  A new shingle roof, with all the ice and water barrier in the world, will likely not function any better than the 30 year old roof.  Without cooling the attic and eliminating heat loss, you are only polishing a turd.  Sorry for the gross analogy, but it is reality. I have redone numerous roofs in West Hartford, as well as floors and plaster walls, my workmanship warranty points this out in line 5, a new shingle roof will not prevent ice dams.

OK Marcus, what do you suggest?

Move to Hawaii.
I do suggest that.  I will do your roof there as well.  In fact, I am supposed to be there right now, I have a winter consulting gig I have not been able to get out of Connecticut for because I have such a backlog of work from last winter's storms.

We need to get the snow off you roof permanently.  That can be best accomplished with a metal roof.  Snow and ice slide off of metal roofs, they do not have the granules to freeze to.  We install beautiful metal roofs, whether it be copper, steel, standing seam, or stamped steel made to imitate slate or shake.  These roofs come with a 100 year warranty, you get a nice discount on your homeowners, and your roof will always look the same, from day 1, till year 100, it will be beautiful. Because they are made of metal, they cannot support life so no ugly green algae streaks in the summer either. The warranties are also transferable to the next homeowner, which is a great selling point. This is the product I have on my own home. It's quite frankly the best out there.

Flat Roofs

  Connecticut Building Code dictated a 0.25 inch rise for 12 inch run pitch as a minimum for flat roofs, at least those that my competitors install.  Those roofs are modified bitumen or EPDM rubber.  We do not install those roofs, we fix them, because they fail.  We ONLY install Elvaloy sheets and PVC membrane.  Our roofs are monolithic, meaning seamless.  They can withstand ponding water indefinitely, I can get a 50 year warranty on a ZERO PITCH roof.  My flat roofs can be any color, green, grey, red, white, brown, made to look like marble, or even have a shingle pattern printed on them.  They will not leak.  I am yours for 10 years, you will be so happy, you will tell all your friends and I will be happy, hence I will bring you bottles of vodka or money. My customers become my friends because I deliver what I promise, every time. 

Insurance Claims

  Let me be clear, I am not a Public Adjuster, I cannot negotiate policy.  All I can do is write a really good estimate in the same format as your insurance carrier uses. They will pay your claim and if they do not,  I will call my wife, she is beautiful, and she is a licensed Public Adjuster.  She and her associates will go to bat for you, and one way or another, your carrier will pay your claim. I will also be very forward, I will be very upset with you if you abuse my good will in this process, it takes many, many, many hours to write these estimates. The software I use is the same that 97% of insurance companies use. It is not cheap nor easy.  Having me not do the job so that you can pocket money is immoral, illegal, and over all bad karma.  No, I will not pay your deductible, that is insurance fraud.  No matter how much you like me, I do not like you enough to go to prison. Sorry.

I hope you found this blog post informative.  I hope to see you soon, I greatly appreciate your business.  Please stay safe.
 Thank You,
Marcus Keilch
Owner of Marcus Anthony Construction, LLC.
(860) 942-3555

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Emergency Mitigation Services

Marcus Anthony Construction, LLC (860) 942-3555
Emergency Mitigation and Loss Prevention

Have you had a fire, burst pipe or fallen tree limbs on your home? When disaster strikes your home or property it can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Your first priority is the safety of yourself and your loved ones. But now what? Your insurance company will require that you take the necessary steps to mitigate further damages to your property after a loss. Marcus Anthony Construction, LLC provides complete disaster relief and recovery services. We specialize in insurance restoration after a fire, flood, storm damage, fallen trees, etc. and have a team of experts available around the clock to assist you in your time of need. We bill directly to your insurance provider.
Our 24 hour emergency services include:
  • Securing the premises immediately after a disaster
  • Securing and storing your personal property to prevent further loss or damage
  • Roof tarping
  • Flood clean up
  • Fire clean out
  • Debris removal
  • Structural drying
  • Vandalism clean up

Now that the mitigation is taken care of, you will need to repair and rebuild your home. We are a complete construction and remodeling company. Our network of contractors means you wont have to worry about calling multiple companies to get your repairs done. We do everything for you, from start to finish.
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Drywall and paint
  • Flooring/carpet replacement
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Complete structural rebuild

Call today to speak with our experienced staff and let us help restore your home and peace of mind.

(860) 942-3555

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ice Dam and Snow Removal- Newington, CT


Ice Dam in Newington, CT

We have had some wild winter weather in Connecticut this year, and it doesn't look as though it will be ending just yet. Your roof and home is taking a beating under the weight of the ice and snow. But nothing is more damaging to your home than ice dams.

Ice dams form when melting snow from improperly insulated and vented attics and sunlight melt snow. The water from that melting snow will refreeze at the eave or in your gutters, thus creating a dam. Most roofing materials are not made to hold water resulting in it taking the path of least resistance, which is under the shingles and into your home! The damage this could create is extensive and expensive! Removing the snow and ice is the best prevention for ice dam and water damage. 

We are a full service restoration and roofing company. If you need an estimate for your homeowner's insurance claim for repairs from ice and water damage, mitigation for further damages (dry-outs, mold and mildew prevention), restoration or repairs, or simply just want to remove the ice and snow to prevent damages, call today and speak to our experienced contractor.

Marcus Anthony Construction (860) 942-3555

Snow and Ice Dam Removal - Glastonbury, CT


Here in Connecticut we are no stranger to extreme weather! Despite it's beauty, snow and ice can reek havoc on your home. Those lovely icicles are indication of some potentially major damage and costly repairs to come. I'm talking about "ice dams".
Ice dams form when snow melts from an improperly insulated and vented attic. The water runs down along the shingles and once it hits the eaves and overhangs where it is cold, it refreezes and creates a "dam", allowing for water to take the path of least resistance, through your walls and ceilings! Once you realize what it happening, usually by water stains on your walls, ceilings and window frames, the damage is extensive. These may include:

  • Saturated drywall
  • Saturated insulation (rendering it useless)
  • Warped wood
  • Damaged gutters
  • Damaged siding (depending on how your gutters are installed)
  • Warped wood around windows
  • Water stains
  • Roof sheathing rotting 
  • Dangerous mold and mildew growing in wall cavities and attic

You can prevent this damage by removing the snow and ice. This is a dangerous job, and we can help!
Call (860) 942-3555 for snow and ice removal. We specialize in insurance restoration, dry outs, mold removal, and billing to your home owner's insurance company.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

West Hartford Connecticut Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Roof Top Snow and Ice Removal 860-942-3555

Serving West Hartford, Hartford, and East Hartford

 24 Hour Emergency Services Available

Here we are again with another nasty Connecticut Winter. We have started to see major accumulations of snow on roofs, with ice dams forming in gutters, leaks coming through soffits, water entering through walls and windows. We have observed and remedied  these conditions on many properties in West Hartford and surrounding towns.  We offer a variety of services to remedy these problems.

Ice accumulating on siding as it leaks down interior of walls.  If not addressed properly this can lead to mold growth.  

During Event while damage is being caused from ice/snow-

-Snow removal from entire roof, no matter size or pitch
-Ice removal from eaves and gutters, using both force and treatment measures, depending on degree of leakage
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

Interior Services
-We offer emergency drying services
-Mold Prevention
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

Repair Services
-Full service interior and exterior repair
-Roof repair/replacement
-Ice dam prevention, 100% ice dam free roofs do exist
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

We are a full service construction and restoration contractor. Dealing with insurance companies is our forte. Our estimates for temporary repair/mitigation and reconstruction are written in their program language, where they have already determined the price. For large/complex claims, usually $100,000 or over we have Public Adjuster Network to insure that you are well taken care of.

Please visit our website

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Roofing Installation in Tolland CT 06084

The winter of 2011, Connecticut was pounded by snow storm after snow storm. We have spent months shoveling roofs and plowing snow, and for the next year and a half we spent installing new roofs, both damaged by the storms, and many flat roofs that were damaged by snow blowers and careless workers

 This roof in Tolland CT, was no exception to the rule, ice dams were 20 inches thick in 2011, there were actual icicles inside the garage,  water pouring down the walls,  and coming through the windows. The ceilings were ruined, hard wood floors and carpet destroyed, there is mold growing in the walls. There is a ton of work to do, but first things first, the roof needed to be replaced.

  There were several roof related issues that had to be dealt with the replacement of the roof so that it would meet manufacturer standards and Connecticut Building Code.

  • There were multiple layers, the roof had to be stripped
  • The skylights leaked, they had to be replaced.
  • Chimney leaked, needed new step and counter flashing.
  • There was no use of water and ice barrier, we determined that 2 courses would be adequate.
  • We added a ridge vent to encourage a flow of air from the existing soffit vents.
  • The low pitch roof was a 3/12 pitch, while shingles are acceptable, we prefer single ply, the owner chose Grey IB PVC 80 mil with a lifetime warranty.
The skylights we used were Velux venting deck mounted skylights with a manufactured flashing kit.  We took the product code off of the existing ones to determine exact sizing.  They installed quite easily, and are guaranteed to be leak free from Velux for 10 years.  The new self adhering underlayments that they provide are manufactured by Grace Roofing Products, they are simply the best.
New Skylights Installed in Tolland CT
  Whenever we install a new roof we like to repair and replace every penetration and flashing if possible.  Chimneys leak, and they are no exception.  This chimney was wrapped in water and ice barrier, new step flashing was used, new lead counter flashing was cut and installed, and the chimney was repaired with new mortar.  We even went as far as to seal the chimney with a brick sealant to prevent wicking. To skip these steps to save a few hundred dollars during a roofing installation is foolish, as it is much easier to address these problems initially than in hindsight.
New Lead on a leak free chimney in Tolland CT
  On the low pitch section of the roof we used a single ply membrane.  Low pitch roofs have poor drainage.  The chance of standing water and snow increases the chances of leaks.  To combat this we use a welded roofing system.  It is virtually seamless.  IB PVC roofs are known for their ability to hold standing water without leaking, in fact unlike other types of single ply roofing, IB PVC is not void of warranty from standing warer. The colors make PVC more pleasing to the eye, as opposed to the black EPDM rubber that so many other "roofing specialists" sell.  While this is the Mercedes of roofing in terms of cost, it comes with a lifetime materials warranty, that is transferable within 25 years.  You cannot go wrong with PVC roofing for your troubled areas.
IB 80 mil Grey on a low pitch roof in Tolland CT 06084
  From the date of loss to replacement of this roof it took almost 2 years.  There was a long drawn out battle between the insurance company and the owners.  With our knowledge and networking with a few public adjusters we were able to increase payment from insurance by 1,000%.  The entire house is getting gutted, all insulation, drywall, and floors replaced.  Once this is complete the owner will be able to enjoy their new roof with no worries!

This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch ( of Marcus Anthony Construction