Friday, February 8, 2013

Roof Snow Removal Services in CT 860-942-3555

Looks like a repeat of 2011 today. We are expecting up to 36 inches of snow. Once again the roads will be unpassable, many car accidents, a rush on snow rakes, and yes, the potential for roof collapse. If the storm comes in as expected, and we do get three feet of snow, it may be suggested, to have the snow removed from your roof. THe weather forecast for Tuesday is heavy rain. This is of particular concern for people who have flat roofs, as well as low pitch roofs. The heavy winds are expected to cause snow drifts. A snow drift of 4 feet, while they are calling for up to 8 feet, could lead to certain roof failure and collapse for building and home owners in Connecticut. Heavy snow and snow loads will clog drains on flat roofs in CT. Coupled with rain, and the inability for water to leave the roof, additional weight will be added. If this scenario occurs, we suggest lightening the load on your roof. Our roof snow removal services are a bit different than the competitions. We never use snow blowers, as many roofs were ruined due to use of snow blowers, and we ended up repairng and replacing many. We shovel our roofs only to lighten the load, unless requested otherwise. We prefer to leave an inch or 2 so that the roof membrane is not punctured. In the event that your roof is damaged by another roofing contractor in Connecticut we do offer flat roof repair in CT. PLEASE call today to schedule the removal of snow from your roof. We are serving the greater Hartford Area, including but not limited to, West Hartford, East Hartford, Manchester, Vernon, Glastonbury, Marlborough, Colchester, Portland, and other surrounding towns. FOr large roofs, such as malls, hospitals, apartment units, and other commercial buildings, we are fully insured to protect your business. We also offer plowing services in Rhode Island and Connecticut.