Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roofing Contractors in Connecticut

Roofing Specialists in Connecticut

Hiring a roofing contractor in Connecticut can be a tough process. But you don’t have to beat yourself up to get the most out of your hard earned cash when hiring a roofing specialist. By using these basic tips and doing a little research beforehand, you can find the best roofing specialist in your area and get the best deal possible.

Knowing your Job

Certain roofing systems require more work than others. For instance a very steep and tall roofing system will require bigger ladders, more safety equipment and more labor just to get the materials to the location. This increases the overall price of the project as each specialized task is added to the project. Hiring a roofing contractor that specializes in working with steep pitched roofs will keep roofing costs down because they specialize in that specific niche. Hire the right roofing contractor for the job and you’ll be sure to get the best deal as well as the best work.


The first and most important part of screening roofing specialists is to ensure that they are qualified to do the work. A Connecticut state roofing license or other local licensing may be required in your area. Once you get the number of your potential roofing contractor’s license, you can do a background check against it to see if any complaints have been made against the contractor.


Knowing your potential roofing contractor is important. That’s where getting at least three contactable references comes in handy. Whether it’s by phone call, email or carrier pigeon, getting in contact with your potential roofing contractors past clients is the best way to get to know your potential roofing contractor. A follow up visit to the site is also an important part to ensuring that this roofer is the right person for your specialized roofing project in Connecticut.


Some roofing specialists offer warrantees on their products. In some cases, roofing contractors even offer warrantees on their materials and labor costs. No matter what warrantee or guarantee that your Connecticut roofing specialist offers, always make sure you get it in writing before you sign any agreements or contracts.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Residential Roofing in Newington CT

This is a residential roof in Newington CT.  We ripped and disposed of two layers of shingles as well as several pieces of rotten plywood that came off this roof in Newington CT.  We installed GAFELK 3 tab shingles, ice and water shield on the eaves, and 30 pound felt paper in the roof field.  Be sure to use a properly trained and insured roofing contractor for all of your roofing needs.
Please visit our website

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Connecticut Emergency Roof Repair Services

Following strong thunderstorms, or even large amounts of snow, and now hurricanes, we get many many requests for emergency roof repairs across Connecticut.  In many situations the home owner chooses to get their insurance company involved.  In that case we usually, depending on the extent of the damage, suggest not repairing the roof, but tarping it so that it may be viewed by the adjuster.  What ever you choose to do, be sure that Marcus Anthony Construction will be here to serve your emergency roof repair needs throughout Connecticut.

Saturday, June 25, 2011



If your looking to have a new flat roof, or a deck on your flat roof, this is the place to go! In CT Connecticut that is!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roof Installation in Marlborough Connecticut

  Marcus Anthony Construction  is a Connecticut Roofing Contractor.  We serve many of the areas around Glastonbury, including Marlborough, the location of one of our more recent roofs.
  We removed two layers of asphalt shingles from this ranch style home.  There were several pieces of plywood along the gutter edge of the roof that were replaced due to roof rot.  Over the years, persistent ice dams had cause roof leaks along the eaves.
  Once we had repaired the roof deck we installed 2 courses of ice and water barrier in both the roof valleys and the gutter eave.   With proper ventilation from our new ridge vent this house should experience less ice dams, and no leaks!
With 3 roofers we were able to replace this roof in 7 hours.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roofing Contractor South Windsor Connecticut

Many homes in South Windsor were built in the last 20 to 30 years.  The roofs on these homes were installed before the time of ice and water shield, and before any thought was given to the use of ventilation.  Often times when we roof these homes we find serious issues with the roof deck and often times replace many sheets of plywood.
This ranch style home in South Windsor is a good example.  During the winter the roof leaked with large amounts of snow.  When replacing the roof we added 2 courses of ice and water barrier, and then a vent at the fascia and on the ridge to promote air flow.  This roof should last 30 years, and be repair free with proper maintenance.  We completed this job in one day with 2 roofers.
We are a Connecticut Roofing Contractor, fully insured, properly licensed, free estimates always, 860 942 3555

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glastonbury Connecticut Roof Installation

ALL PRO ROOFING has literally installed 100s of roofs in Glastonbury Connecticut.  As a Connecticut Roofing Contractor we offer roof repair, roof inspection, roof maintenance, for both pitched and flat roofs.

Pictured in a pewter grey colored shingle roof on Manchester Road that we installed this past week.  For ice dam prevention we installed 2 courses of ice and water barrier, and a ridge vent to promote the flow of cool air in the winter.  The shingles come with a life time warranty, this could very well be the last roof that this customer has installed.
Please contact us at 860 729 8695 for a free estimate.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roof repair, storm damage, Hebron, Connecticut

There is only one way to correctly nail a shingle, within a half inch of the exposure line is acceptable.  The exposure line of the shingle is called the "double lam".  This term means where the shingle is laminated together.  This is also the place, where if the shingle is nailed, holds down the shingle below it.  This is key if you would like to have the manufacturer warranty your roof for wind coverage.
  Most roofing shingles are warrantied for 100 mph wind coverage.  There are certain manufacturers standards that must be met.  Hurricane nailing pattern can range from 6 to 8 nails, certain types of starter courses must be use, certain size nails as well.  Using a roofing contractor who is familiar with these standards is key, both for the quality of your new roof, and to receive proper coverage from the manufacturer.
This building in Hebron Connecticut lost a number of roof shingles and roof caps during the most recent thunderstorm.  While the repair cost was minimal, using proper roofing techniques, and a roofing contractor who provides a life time warranty on installation, and in would have either never happened, or would have been free of charge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roofer Manchester Connecticut

Chasing roof leaks can be tough business.  Water can enter a roof from many different areas, and travel far from its entry point, before it shows up as a leak.  Knowing where to look is key.  Most leaks are located along roof protrusions, chimneys, pipes, skylights, and walls.
  These pictures are of a chimney that we recently repaired in Manchester Connecticut.  To properly repair a chimney leak we first remove the old flashing.  Once that is gone we can inspect to make sure that the step flashing is correctly done.  We then install either lead or copper counter flashing to pass water around the step flashing.  We next mortar all the brick lines where we placed the new lead.
  If you have leaks in your roof and wish to have a free estimate, we will happily come by and take a look, please call 860 942 3555

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manchester Connecticut Roofing Contractor, roof repair, new roof with 3 roofers.

  We have completed a number of roofs in Manchester Connecticut, as well as the surrounding towns of Windsor Connecticut as well as Vernon.  Pictured here is a recent home where we installed a new roof in Manchester Connecticut,  The roof on the home was a multiple layer rip off.  There was extensive damage to the roof deck from inadequate ventilation.  Moisture had built up in the attic causing the plywood to soften.  Once we removed the damaged plywood we then installed a new roof. We installed water and ice barrier along the eaves, and to cure the ventilation issue a ridge vent on the peak and a ventilated drip edge on the gutter eave.  With 3 roofers we completed this new roof installation in a day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roofer, Flat roof specialist, siding repair, Newington, Connecticut

We recently installed a new EPDM rubber roof on a portion of a home in Newington Connecticut.  The original roof leaked in many places, while it was an EPDM roof, it had been installed incorrectly, and had been a victim of many failed roof repairs.

   Last year the homeowner had hired a :flat roof specialist" to install 2 skylights.  The contractors idea of installation was cutting out the roof openings, placing the new $800 skylights in, and caulking them.  This manner of installation does not work in any way at all.
  Once we removed the 4 layers of roofing, we noticed large water stains coming down the walls.  This was a tell tale sign that the roof leaks were caused by more than just a failed roofing system.  We presented the problem to the owner, as well as a solution, and installed a new rubber roof.
   To fix the siding issues and prevent further roof leaks we removed all siding.  We installed a new vapor barrier, new insulation board, and re-flashed all windows.  We then installed a gutter on the higher roof to keep water from cascading onto the lower and bouncing off of the wall.  This new flat roof and siding system should last 20 years with proper roof maintenance.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Connecticut Roofing Specialist, serving Easter Connecticut

Please visit our new website for Connecticut Roofing Specialist.  We serve all Connecticut roofing needs east of the river.  Fully licensed and insured, offering residential and commercial roofing services.  A roofing company that offers carpentry, flat roofs, roof repair, roof installation, rooftop decks, replacement windows, and attic insulation.
We serve the following towns in Connecticut.

Amston - 06231 
Andover - 06232
Bolton - 06043 
Columbia - 06237 
Coventry - 06238  
Crystal Lake
Ellington - 06029 
Hebron - 06248
Mansfield - 06235, 06250, 06268  
Rockville - 06066  
Somers - 06071
Somersville - 06072 
South Coventry - 06238
Stafford - 06075 
Stafford Springs - 06076  
Storrs - 06268
Talcottville - 06066 
Tariffville - 06081 
Tolland - 06084 
Union - 06076 
Vernon - 06066 
Vernon Center
Willington - 06279
Abington - 06230  
Ashford - 06278 
Ballouville - 06233  
Brooklyn - 06234
Canterbury - 06331
Chaplin - 06235 
Danielson - 06239  
Dayville - 06241 
East Brooklyn 
East Killingly - 06243  
Eastford - 06242 
Fabyan - 06245
Grosvenor Dale - 06246
Hampton - 06247
Killingly - 06239, 06241, 06243
Moosup - 06354
North Grosvenor Dale - 06255 
Oneco - 06373 
Plainfield - 06374
Pomfret - 06258 
Putnam - 06260 
Putnam Heights
Quinebaug - 06262 
Rogers - 06263
Scotland - 06264
South Killingly
South Windham
South Woodstock
Staffordville - 06077 
Sterling - 06377
Thompson - 06277 
Wauregan - 06387
Willimantic - 06226 
Windham - 06280 
Woodstock - 06281

Baltic - 06330
Bozrah - 06334 
Colchester - 06415 
East Lyme - 06333 
Franklin - 06254
Gales Ferry - 06335 
Groton - 06340
Hanover - 06350
Jewett City - 06351
Lebanon - 06249
Ledyard - 06339 
Lisbon - 06351
Lords Point
Montville - 06353
Morningside Park 
Mystic - 06355 
New London - 06320 
Niantic - 06357 
Noank - 06340
North Franklin - 06254
North Lyme
North Stonington - 06359 
Norwich - 06360 
Oakdale - 06370
Old Lyme - 06371
Old Mystic - 06372 
Pleasure Beach 
Poquonock Bridge 
Quaker Hill - 06375
Salem - 06420
Stonington - 06378
Uncasville - 06382
Versailles - 06383
Voluntown - 06384 
Waterford - 06385
West Mystic - 06388 
Yantic - 06389
Centerbrook - 06409 
Chester - 06412
Clinton - 06413 
Cobalt - 06414
Colchester - 06415
Cromwell - 06416
Deep River - 06417 
Durham - 06422
East Haddam - 06423 
East Hampton - 06424 - 
Essex - 06424
Fenwick - 06475 
Haddam - 06438 
Higganum - 06441 
Ivoryton - 06442 
Killingworth - 06417
Lake Pocotopaug 
Middlefield - 06455 
Middletown - 06457 
Moodus - 06469
Old Saybrook - 06475 
Portland - 06480
Rockfall - 06481
Saybrook Point
Westbrook - 06498 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New roof in Newington Connecticut

  One of our more recent roof projects is a small ranch style home in Newington Connecticut.  This home in Newington was a rather easy roof for us to complete.  With 2 roofers and 2 roofing laborers we roofed the house in 7 hours.
  The homeowner wanted a roof that will last for the rest of her life.  She chose GAF 50 year lifetime shingles, the color Biscayne Blue.  Once we removed the old roofing we inspected the roof deck to make sure it was in good condition.  We installed an ice and water barrier along the eaves of the roof to protect against roof leaks from ice dams.  We installed new step flashing and lead counter flashing on the chimney to insure that it is also leak free.
  In addition to offering roofing services in Newington we also offer roof repair, roof maintenance, and free roofing inspections.  We are also a Connecticut Flat Roof Specialist, offering flat roof repair and flat roof installation.  Please contact us at 860 942-3555

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to choose your West Hartford Connecticut Roofing Contractor

  The roof on your home is probably the most important and over looked investment that you will ever make.  Water can and will destroy your home, protecting it from the elements is essential.  You will probably pay serious attention to the roof 3 times in its life span, when it gets replaced, when it needs to get replaced, and if it ever leaks.  Other than that the average home owner takes the roof for granted.

  In order to choose the right West Hartford Roofing Contractor for your homes new roof you must first do a bit of research on your style of roof.  If you have a flat roof, you do not want to hire a roofing contractor who is not familiar with installing, maintaining, and repairing a flat roof.  There are many different flat roof systems, be sure that your potential roofer is certified by the manufacturer to install the roofing medium that you choose to use.
  There are many different manufacturers of shingles for pitched roofs.  When choosing your roofing contractor for a shingle roof, be sure that they have installed the type of shingles that you would like to use.  Each roofing manufacturer has specific guidelines for the installation of their shingles, failing to follow those guidelines can void any and all roofing manufacturers warranties.

  Making sure that your roofing contractor is properly licensed and insured is a must.  Without a contractors license they are unable to pull a permit for your new roof.  If that were to occur, the town may shut down the job and levy hefty fines.  A roofer without insurance that protects you will cost much less than a properly insured roofing contractor.  That is of course unless something happens, then it could cost you your home.
  Check out your potential roofers references.  They should be able to provide at least 5 recent customers, that have a job similar to yours.  This is important, if you have a giant colonial style home with multiple layers of roofing to remove, you don't want to hire a roofing contractor who has only roofed ranch style homes.  They need to be properly equipped to roof your home, with adequate tools and knowledge of what goes into completing your project.
  In our 15 years experience we have found that many people focus solely on price.  While the cost of your new roof is important, look more for value, and compare the estimates from the different roofing contractors who bid on your roof.  Price may vary by the types of under layments that are used, by where ice and water shield is being applied, are the re-flashing all of your chimneys, what type of warranty is the roofing contractor offering?  We suggest that you look for value!
  We hope that you find this blog useful when you choose to have a new roof installed on your home.  In addition to serving West Hartford, we also offer roofing services to the surrounding towns, Avon< Farmington, Simsbury, Newington, Bloomfield, and Wethersfield.   We are properly insured and licensed, and are a Connecticut Flat Roof Specialist as well.  Please contact us for a free roof inspection and estimate. 860 942-3555

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Avon Connecticut

  Today we went out to Avon Connecticut to inspect and repair a standing seam metal roof.  The skylights collapsed under the weight of the snow this winter, so we temporarily repaired them with a tarp, there are 16 skylights in all.
  The roof deck also was compromised from the weight of the snow.  The entire roof will have to be removed so that the decking will be able to be replaced.  With our commercial roofing services we are a Versico authorized flat roof specialist, we install EPDM, and TPO roofing systems.  We offer roof repair, inspection, maintenance, and free estimates.  Please contact us today so the we may assist you in your roofing needs. 860-942-3555  We are a Connecticut Roofing Contractor.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Roof Repair process by a roofing company

Roof repair is often a shot in the dark.  Finding where a roof leak starts can be a a process.  A roof very rarely leaks in the center of the shingles.  Most leaks are around chimneys, walls, and skylights.  These leaks are most often caused by improper flashing installation.  Many roofing contractors use tar to repair roof leaks, this is a very temporary solution, within months tar cracks and fails, and you have thrown your money away.

  Wind driven rain may often cause roof leaks near walls.  This happens when the rain gets behind the siding or flashing and enters the structure.  All of these roof  leaks can be repaired by a knowledgeable roofing contractor.  We are also a Connecticut flat roof specialist and offer flat roof repair and installation.
Please contact us at 860-942-3555 for a free roof evaluation and estimate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TPO flat roof repair in Glastonbury Connecticut

  Today we did an emergency flat roof repair in Glastonbury Connecticut.  The owner of the property had the roof shoveled, and as we are finding more and more of, the roof was damaged by carelessness and a shovel.
  We were rather lucky with this roof repair.  The temperature was over 40 degrees, which is mandatory, and the roof was dry.  We first cleaned the damaged area of the roof with a solvent.  We then cut 6 inch pieces of Durabond roof repair membrane.  We then lightly scuffed up the roof, and applied the roof patch.  We then used a metal roller to help the patch adhere to the roof.  Roof repair complete.

  These roof patches are not a long term solution.  They are band aids, we will be replacing the roof in its entirety.  If you would like an estimate for a roof repair from a Connecticut flat roof specialist please contact us, 860-942-3555

Friday, March 11, 2011

We often get calls for roof repairs wh...

We often get calls for roof repairs wh...

Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance in Hartford Connecticut

  When it rains outside and water enters your home or office you know that it is time for a roof repair.  There can be many causes for a roof to leak, ranging from missing shingles and ridge caps caused by storm damage, to a flashing or siding issue, that has only started to leak, or leaks under extreme situations, such as driving rain.
  There are several parts of your roof that are most susceptible to roof leaks.  Walls and chimneys often leak because the roof is not flashed correctly.  Roof valleys may leak if there is debris in the area that stops water from exiting the roof.  Sky lights may leak for many reasons, the glass seals may have failed, or often times the flashing fails.
  Flat roofs often leak during heavy rains because of the lack of roof pitch.  While flat roofs are easily repaired, many of these repairs and leaks can be avoided with proper roof maintenance.  Having a certified flat roof specialist, some knowledgeable in the type of roof that you have, will make significant differences.  The use of improper adhesives or patches, such as tar on an EPDM roof, will cause serious problems, leading to eventual roof failure.
  Please contact us today if your roof is leaking during these heavy rains.  We do offer emergency roof repair as well as roof tarping.  We are a fully licensed and insured  Connecticut Roofing Contractor, 860-942-3555

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Roof installation in Glastonbury Connecticut

The home pictured here, located in Glastonbury CT, has approximately 5500 square feet of roof. We are removing asphalt shingles, installing ice and water barrier to CT state roofing code, on all valleys, eaves, and walls. Most roofing contractors fail to install ice and water barrier properly, at least 18 inches above the soffit line, with large over hangs we installed 2 rows of the barrier. Be sure to use a properly licensed and insure roofing contractor, who is also knowledgeable of all the details of proper roof installation and flashing.
Roofing in CT
Flat roofing in CT


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    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    Your West Hartford Home, Your West Hartford Roofing Contractor

    Spring has sprung!  We have been estimating many roofs in the West Hartford area the past several weeks.  While we may have relocated our business to East Hartford, we continue to pursue roof jobs in West Hartford.  Our commitment is give every customer value.  We still and have always offered a life time warranty on the workmanship of our roofs.  We take extra care to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof, your insulation and ventilation needs, and a fair price.  Please visit our website, West Hartford Roofing Contractor  or call us to set up an appointment, 860-942-3555