Wednesday, February 12, 2014

West Hartford Connecticut Snow and Ice Dam Removal

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Here we are again with another nasty Connecticut Winter. We have started to see major accumulations of snow on roofs, with ice dams forming in gutters, leaks coming through soffits, water entering through walls and windows. We have observed and remedied  these conditions on many properties in West Hartford and surrounding towns.  We offer a variety of services to remedy these problems.

Ice accumulating on siding as it leaks down interior of walls.  If not addressed properly this can lead to mold growth.  

During Event while damage is being caused from ice/snow-

-Snow removal from entire roof, no matter size or pitch
-Ice removal from eaves and gutters, using both force and treatment measures, depending on degree of leakage
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

Interior Services
-We offer emergency drying services
-Mold Prevention
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

Repair Services
-Full service interior and exterior repair
-Roof repair/replacement
-Ice dam prevention, 100% ice dam free roofs do exist
-Billed directly to your insurance carrier if necessary

We are a full service construction and restoration contractor. Dealing with insurance companies is our forte. Our estimates for temporary repair/mitigation and reconstruction are written in their program language, where they have already determined the price. For large/complex claims, usually $100,000 or over we have Public Adjuster Network to insure that you are well taken care of.

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