Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roofer Manchester Connecticut

Chasing roof leaks can be tough business.  Water can enter a roof from many different areas, and travel far from its entry point, before it shows up as a leak.  Knowing where to look is key.  Most leaks are located along roof protrusions, chimneys, pipes, skylights, and walls.
  These pictures are of a chimney that we recently repaired in Manchester Connecticut.  To properly repair a chimney leak we first remove the old flashing.  Once that is gone we can inspect to make sure that the step flashing is correctly done.  We then install either lead or copper counter flashing to pass water around the step flashing.  We next mortar all the brick lines where we placed the new lead.
  If you have leaks in your roof and wish to have a free estimate, we will happily come by and take a look, please call 860 942 3555

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