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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cool and Green Roofing in CT

Cool and Green Roofing Solutions, the way of the future.

There are differences between the two.  A cool roof has limited environmental impact, mainly by lessening the carbon foot print of the roof.  A green roof, is an enviroment of its own, many being completely sustainable.

Marcus Anthony Construction is now an IB Flat Roof Certified Installer.  IB PVC Membrane is, in itself, a cool roofing product.  It reflects the seen and unseen rays of the sun.  It is also the single best roofing membrane for a sustainable green roof.  An IB system is heat welded, not chemicals are used in creating the 1 solid sheet of roofing membrane.  There are no chemicals to break down as with the older single ply membranes such as EPDM rubber.

In addition to green and cool roofing solutions, we also offer other environmental solutions.  Lifetime cool metal roofing, in particular with thin set solar technology, can make your home and business have an almost zero impact in terms of use of fossil fuels, and also in some instances, you can be selling electricity back to your provider.

If you are interested in a cool roofing or green roofing consultation please dont hesitate to call.

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