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Friday, March 11, 2011

Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance in Hartford Connecticut

  When it rains outside and water enters your home or office you know that it is time for a roof repair.  There can be many causes for a roof to leak, ranging from missing shingles and ridge caps caused by storm damage, to a flashing or siding issue, that has only started to leak, or leaks under extreme situations, such as driving rain.
  There are several parts of your roof that are most susceptible to roof leaks.  Walls and chimneys often leak because the roof is not flashed correctly.  Roof valleys may leak if there is debris in the area that stops water from exiting the roof.  Sky lights may leak for many reasons, the glass seals may have failed, or often times the flashing fails.
  Flat roofs often leak during heavy rains because of the lack of roof pitch.  While flat roofs are easily repaired, many of these repairs and leaks can be avoided with proper roof maintenance.  Having a certified flat roof specialist, some knowledgeable in the type of roof that you have, will make significant differences.  The use of improper adhesives or patches, such as tar on an EPDM roof, will cause serious problems, leading to eventual roof failure.
  Please contact us today if your roof is leaking during these heavy rains.  We do offer emergency roof repair as well as roof tarping.  We are a fully licensed and insured  Connecticut Roofing Contractor, 860-942-3555


  1. Seems like you were in for a very busy weekend. So far so good on the metal roofing, in any case. Don't rush things too much to make sure that everything will turn out nicely.

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  2. Roof maintenance is based on regular inspection and treatment of damages at time. Roof Repair Products Use may make your roof safe every time.