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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TPO flat roof repair in Glastonbury Connecticut

  Today we did an emergency flat roof repair in Glastonbury Connecticut.  The owner of the property had the roof shoveled, and as we are finding more and more of, the roof was damaged by carelessness and a shovel.
  We were rather lucky with this roof repair.  The temperature was over 40 degrees, which is mandatory, and the roof was dry.  We first cleaned the damaged area of the roof with a solvent.  We then cut 6 inch pieces of Durabond roof repair membrane.  We then lightly scuffed up the roof, and applied the roof patch.  We then used a metal roller to help the patch adhere to the roof.  Roof repair complete.

  These roof patches are not a long term solution.  They are band aids, we will be replacing the roof in its entirety.  If you would like an estimate for a roof repair from a Connecticut flat roof specialist please contact us, 860-942-3555

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