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Sunday, July 29, 2012

IB 80 Mil Flat Roof Installation West Hartford CT

This flat roof, located in West Hartford, Connecticut was a real nightmare of a job. The roof had been installed new 4 times in the last 20 years, but no one had ever ripped the old roof off. That was until we came along! The roof was over 4 inches thick, layers of hot tar, modified, EPDM rubber, stone, and tons of substrate. The roof held so much moisture, had leaked for so long, that 80 of the roof deck had dry rotted. We ended up replacing all the roofs sheathing. We were one of four roofing contractors bidding on this project. All of the other contractors were proposing 045 EPDM rubber roofs. The customer had already been down that road, and truthfully was not interested in more leaks again. They wanted real recourse, and a warranty in writing. We were able to offer that, and much more. We installed an IB 80 mil PVC roof. The system comes with a lifetime warranty, through the manufacturer. We are able to offer this warranty to all residential customers, and IB is the only single ply manufacturer that actually offers this to residential, all others only do commercial clients. If you'd like a licensed and insured roofer that installs the best products with the best guarantees in the business please visit our flat roofing website and give us a call today, Additionally we also install some of the greatest and most beautiful metal roofing systems.  These metal roofs, made by Arrowline and Metro Materials, come with 50 year warranties, and wind ratings of up to 160 mph.  Combine a metal roof with an IB Flat or low slope roof and you will have true piece of mind.(860) 942-3555

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