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Friday, August 10, 2012

Storm Damage in Glastonbury CT, 06033

On August 10th, 2012, Glastonbury Connecticut was hit with 100 mph winds and possibly even a tornado. Associated with these strong winds were hail, heavy down pours, lightining strikes, as well as various other acts of nature. The summer of 2012 has seen numerous thunderstorms in CT, with large hail from Clinton to Watertown, Cheshire and even Putnam CT. Knowing the potential unseen damages to your home is important. Hail damage to your roof can often times not be seen from the ground, an inspection from a trained professional can determine if roof damage exists, and to what degree. Often times your insurance company will cover such damages with either a complete roof replacement or a simple roof repair. Hail damage is often over looked in Connecticut. Impacts from hail can remove the UV coating on your roof's shingles. While this may not pose an immediate threat to your home, longterm the loss of the granules will drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof, causing the roof to deteriorate prematurely, as the shingles asphalt mat will be exposed.
More evident to the untrained eyes is wind damage. From a distance you may notice missing shingles from your roof, many times shingles can be found littering the yard. Mitigating further damage to your home is the most important thing one can do. If there is significant damage to your roof it may need emergency roof repair or possibly a tarp put in place. Protecting the interior of your home from water damage can save you and your insurance company thousands of dollars, as mold remediation and drywall and paint repair are quite expensive. Our storm damage services are fast and proactive. We are capable of all aspects of the insurance process. Once any potential hazards have been removed, such as trees or debris, we make all necessary repairs to your home to prevent further damage. We document all damages with pictures, and write detailed reports as to what caused the damage, and provide accurate estimates of all work performed in the mitigation process, as to what actions need to be taken to bring your home back to the standards of which it was kept prior to the events leading up to the cause of damages. We will provide you and your insurance adjuster with all documentation, as well as a written proposal for all needed repairs. So far this storm season we have not had one single claim rejected. If you are in need of any emergency storm related services, from a free roof inspection to the removal of a tree or limb from your roof, please call us at 860-942-3555.

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