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Friday, August 17, 2012

Roofing in Columbia CT, 06237

THe economic troubles of our country have put a number of people out of work. In these tough times many people step out of the box, and become roofers. Always be wary of these roofing specialists, often times they have little or no training, and while their roof price may be great, it can often times end up costing you a ton of money. One of our more recent projects was a roof installation in Columbia CT, 06237. I have never been a door knocker, but when I came down River Valley ROad, I just had to knock on the owners door, half the roof had slid 12 inches or so down the roof, you could literally see this from 400 feet away. It turned out that he had hired the local handyman to put on a new roof a few years back. Not a factory trained or experienced roofer, he installed the new roof completely wrong, nails were improperly used, on the wrong location on the shingle, and well, the roof was a complete loss. On a positive note however we were able to get the owner coverage from his insurance carrier. In this day and age the most important thing that we can offer you as a Connecticut Roofing Contractor is recourse. The average roofer is out of business in less than 5 ears. Its hard to believe, but 97% of all roof failures are caused by poor installation. We are a certified GAF Contractor, when we complete your roof you receive a 50 year warranty from GAF Materials. While the shingle wrapper may say this, not all roofers are the same. If your contractor is not certified, not using the proper materials, in the proper ways, there is NO WARRANTY from the manufacturer. This is a problem that we encounter often. Consumers are often mislead by contractors just to close the sale. Please contact us today for your estimate, we can help you make a decision that will suit your roofing needs. Our estimates and roof inspections are always free.

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