Monday, March 18, 2013

GAF Timberline Shingle Review

Best Roofing Shingle For Connecticut

Overview Of The GAF Timberline Shingle

Best roofing shingle for Connecticut
As a CT roofing contractor I have the opportunity to install all types of roofing shingles from all the major manufacturer's. If you are looking into a new roof for your home I'm sure you have heard of the GAF Timberline HD roofing shingle. The Timberline is the number 1 selling shingle in the U.S. I wanted to provide you with a few facts and a specification breakdown for this shingle. As the owner of Marcus Anthony Construction I want to provide my customers with the best, that's why I have built a relationship with GAF and am a certified installer of their material. If you are need a free estimate call today at 860-942-3555.

The Basic Specifications of a Timberline HD Shingle

* Number 1 selling shingle in America.
*Thick architectural laminate with high definition color scheme.
*Carries a class a fire rating.
*First shingle to carry a limited lifetime warranty.
*50 year limited warranty-first 10 years covered 100% against material defects.
*New advanced shingle technology and high tech fiberglass mat make it environmentally friendly.
*220 lbs per square
*110 mph wind rating-Can upgrade to 130 mph wind rating with 6 nail application.

The Shift From 30-40-50 Year To Limited Lifetime

CT Roofing Contractors
One of the most important facts about the GAF Timberline HD shingle is what I call "the limited lifetime factor." Aside from all of the great features of the shingle its important to know that GAF was the first manufacturer to make the shift to the limited lifetime warranted shingle. The process of making the shift was not an easy one. They went through years of modifications and testing to their fiberglass mat which resulted in the advanced technology shingle. With their successful production and the backing of the Underwriters Laboratory GAF confidently upgraded their warranty to the 50 year limited lifetime in 2011. Other manufacturers were forced to make the shift with GAF but made no changes to their shingle. That is one strong reason Marcus Anthony Construction provides our CT re-roof customers with GAF shingles. You can learn more about the testing process of the GAF shingle in the video "Extreme Shingle Testing."

Green Roofing Shingles for CT

Roofing shingles are coated in asphalt a precious natural resource. Due to the advancement in the fiberglass mat GAF Timberline shingles use less asphalt reducing the impact on our environment. The lighter more durable green roofing shingle is ideal for both environmentally conscious people and its easier on the installers.

Marcus Anthony Construction Is A GAF Certified Roofing Contractor In Connecticut

If you are interested in a free estimate or roof repair in CT give us a call today at  860-942-3555 . We are a certified GAF roofing contractor. As a certified representative of GAF we are able to provide you with an upgraded Systems Plus Weather Stopper Warranty. This  extends the warranty coverage over the entire roofing system (not just the shingles) for 50 years 100% and provides and additional 2 year labor warranty by GAF. Thats peace of mind.

This guest post was provided by GAF Master Elite contractor Joel Beattie ( of Chase Construction North West, Inc-Roofers Auburn Wa.


  1. GAF makes some great shingles. This is a good review with a lot of info. What do you think of Owens corning?

    1. I think that they are all pretty much the same. If I had to repair a roof, i'd prefer GAF. OCs seal too much. I do like the wind rating though.
      The GAF warranty is also better, OC only replaces the roof if it leaks from defects, GAF replaces all defective roofs.

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