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Complete Roofing Systems for Connecticut CT Homeowners

The Benefits Of A Complete Roof System for Connecticut Homeowners

A Complete Roofing System

Roofing SystemsDid you know that a roof is designed to be installed as a complete system, whether it be GAF, Certanteed, Tamko, or IKO? It’s true, even for flat roof systems. That is why Marcus Anthony Construction, your Connecticut Roofing Contractor, only installs full roof systems, with complete manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer designs system components that work together to create a watertight roofing system. Using the complete roofing system is important to protecting your home and roof in the most vulnerable areas. There are key elements to a roof system including: perimeter edge metal, starter shingles, underlayment, leak barrier, field shingles, vents, pipe boots and ridge shingles. It is very common for a contractor to offer a very low price by excluding some of the most critical elements of the system such as leak barrier.

A Look At Common Roofing System Components

Rake-flashing-Drip-edgePerimeter edge metal protects the edge of the plywood, roof deck and the fascia or barge boards. Damage, such as premature rot due to wind driven rain, can occur if perimeter edge metal is not installed. The rake edge metal often comes with a drip edge, or flange, that helps to keep the precipitation off of the fascia. Edge metal comes in many colors to match your home and roof but is most commonly manufactured in white, brown and black.    

Starter-shinglesStarter shingles are installed along the entire perimeter edge to protect the roof deck from wind driven rains. You will see the starter course from the ground because the granule side of the shingle is facing down and it overhangs the roof edge.


Roofing-UnderlaymentUnderlayments protect, cover and act as a vapor barrier for the entire roof deck. Heat in the attic passes through the wood roof deck and gets trapped between the shingles and the deck. Underlayment keeps this moisture from touching the roof deck and causing premature rot. Sap in the wood can also break down the shingle so an underlayment helps with this as well. Common types of roof deck protection are #15 or synthetic underlayment’s.

Peel-and-stick-membraneLeak barrier, is a rubberized flexible membrane designed to protect the most critical leak areas on your home (also called ice and water shield or peel and stick membrane). The back side adheres to the roof deck, keeping it in place. Its thick rubbery material allows it to fit into acute angles such as skylights and roof-to-wall areas. It is also commonly used on roof top penetrations and around the perimeter edge of a home.

Architectural laminate roofing shinglesField shingles are the main waterproofing property of your home. They come in great architectural designs to provide an aesthetic touch. The most commonly used shingles are designed with a fiberglass matt and covered with special waterproof granules that are embedded into asphalt. There are 3 tab, architectural laminate and tri-laminate or presidential style shingles. Each type carries a roof life and wind warranty based on its thickness, quality and the manufacturer.

Ridge-Cap-ShinglesRidge shingles are the icing on the cake. They are installed at the hip and ridge areas of the roof. Ridge shingles are a crucial part of your system as they take on a lot of the wind pressure Mother Nature dishes out. 3-tab is often cut individually into ridge shingles. You may also purchase factory made and packaged ridge cap or an upgraded rubberized ridge system with a greater warranty.

Continuous Ridge VentVenting a roof is very important. Without proper intake and exhaust on a roof hot air and moisture are trapped in the attic. This is a recipe for attic mold, rot and premature repair on the roof. Your roof requires intake venting at the soffit area and exhaust by either square roof vents or ridge venting. There are also power, exhaust vents and some great solar vent technologies if you are looking for something green and sustainable.

The Benefits Of Installing A Complete Roofing System

Aside from premium protection of your home and roof there are other advantages of using the complete roofing system. Most manufacturers have special warranties they offer if you buy their full line of roofing components. For instance a typical material warranty on a roof only covers defects in the shingles 100% for 10 out of 50 years. If you use their complete designed system the warranty covers all of the installed system 100% for 50 years. That is a huge difference in warranty coverage! Before taking the lowest bid on your next roofing project consider the value of your system and warranty. The money you save up front might be spent in unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

This article was written by Joel Beattie ( of Chase Construction North West, Inc., roofers Tacoma, Wa.

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